so can we just appreciate


spikes face when buffy revokes his invitation


spikes face when she invites him back in for good




#spuffy #i have so many feelings about this parallel #because look how far they’ve come #in touched it isn’t about forcing buffy to listen #but she’ll listen anyway #it isn’t about grabbing and forcing and taking what he wants #it’s about giving to her and the physical contact isn’t even necessary #it isn’t about want or need it’s about love and caring and it’s what they’ve finally- he’s finally- become #and what they can be together connecting beyond the physical #anyway feels 

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This fate could have been avoided if Spike had had a sassy gay friend.

Spike: No, it’s not that easy. We have something, Buffy. (Buffy is walking up the stairs to the front door of her house. Spike follows) It’s not pretty, but it’s real, and there’s nothing either one of us can do about it.

Buffy opens the door and enters, turning to face Spike who is right on her heels.

Spike: Like it or not, I’m in your life, you can’t just shut me out.

He stops suddenly at the doorway as an invisible force prevents him from entering. Buffy stands right inside the door, giving him a grim look.

Spike stares in surprise, gives a tentative smile, not quite getting it yet. It begins to dawn on him that his invitation to the Summers house has been revoked.

Buffy steps back and closes the door in his face.

Crush, 5x14

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