a blast of human passion;
that’s only if somebody in this room has feelings stronger than I get…

Penny for your thoughts.

Athelstan and Ragnar, a true friendship (Vikings, 2x10)


Sense and Sensibility (1995) dir. Ang Lee



"It has been five years, but since the news that the school might change management, Jeff's been reverting. Shirley noticed it and called him out, and even Annie reacted to his comments. That was only an episode ago. Although, I'm less than thrilled with Jeff's behavior in reaction to the school being threatened. Maybe Jeff does have romantic feelings for Annie, but this moment was about the group as a whole. An episode that focused on romantic possibility was Basic Intergluteal Numismatics."

We’ll have to agree to disagree, anon, because I really don’t see that scene as you do. To me, what has been questioned these last few episodes was Jeff’s attachment to Greendale, not specifically to the group. And this episode did deal with romance, what with Annie’s reaction to the whole J/B bit. It doesn’t seem so far-fetched to me to think that in the same episode where Annie accepts the fact that it’s time for her to move on, we have confirmation that Jeff does have feelings for her, feelings so strong to save the school he claimed to only tolerate, and that he’s passionate about her. The computer didn’t react at all with the others, but it fully worked when he focused on Annie.

teruel-a-witch replied to your post: “Lol, but people are seriously arguing it wasn’t Jeff’s love for Annie…”:
With the Dean the joke was actually that he thought it was because of him(because Jeff looked away from Annie and his eyes landed on the Dean) and he was like ‘ok,I’ll keep you secret,winkwink’. But yeah,it was obviously Annie that did it.

I rewatched the scene and you’re totally right. It did seem weird that Dean would be so welcoming of it, lol.

"Jeff feels passionately for the entire group. Granted, not in the same ways. The difference between this moment, and other confessions of love for the group is that this time their was no "Winger speech to bring us home." It was raw emotion, and Jeff's a talker, he needs the padding. This time, it was focused on his feelings, and not the reaction they'd bring. Which means that if he messed up, his feelings weren't passionate enough. That's embarrassing. The moment was supposed to be serious."

Hmmm, I don’t see it. Why would he be scared of messing it up? It’s been five years, he seems pretty confident in his love for the group. Also, one must consider the type of machine they were dealing with, a computer his developer was accused of having sex with and that gives response to the same touching his nipples (lol gross). I agree that the moment was supposed to be serious, but because of Jeff having to face his very real feelings for Annie.

Lol, but people are seriously arguing it wasn’t Jeff’s love for Annie that opened the door?Then why did Jeff ask them to turn around if it was about the group? Why not staging the thing as a big kumbaya moment, with the smiles and the music and the group hugs? How many times have we seen him declare his love for them, and now he’s ashamed to do it all of a sudden? Wanna know what he’s ashamed of, though? His feelings for Annie. Look how defensive he gets when the computer guy asks him how he did it. The computer needed “a blast of human passion” to work. He ain’t feel that for Abed.


look don’t make me feel sorry for you tbh

if i only watch community because of jeff/annie, it’s none of your damn business

with pierce’s death, troy’s departure (also i feel that abed’s character is different, tonight’s episode was a exception) i have to hold onto something

and i’ll go down with this ship

so yes, when writers try to ruin my favorite character’s i’ll get mad and complain A LOT bc i’m not a passive viewer so yes don’t talk about the way i CHOSE to watch this damn show