"Maybe somethings don’t get better, but we do. We get stronger. We learn to live with our situations as messy and ugly as they are. We fix what we can and we adapt to what we can’t. Maybe some of us will never be fully okay, but at least we’re here. We’re still trying. We’re doing the best we can. That’s worth celebrating too. If you’re reading this, congratulations, you made it to today. You made it."

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Tanti Auguri Sophia!

Joyeux anniversaire!

Happy 80th birthday!


My half of an art trade with asongbirdandanoldhat ◡‿◡✿

Autumn in NYC


And if you come around again, then I will take the chain from off the door.

Oh, I can’t stop drinking the coffee. I stop drinking the coffee, I stop doing the standing and walking and the words-putting-into-sentence-doing.”

"Some are born with busts, some are born with butts, but whatever makes you feel confident and like loving yourself more, be proud. I’m all for it. ”

"Giusto per farci due risate, la Lega Nord ha mandato un comunicato stampa dicendo che se il si per l'indipendenza della Scozia fosse passato si andava tutti ad Amburgo a festeggiare. Poi ne è uscito un altro dicendo che si andava tutti a Straburgo e infine un terzo che invitava ad andare a Edimburgo. Tre tentativi, ma meglio tardi che mai"



How to describe the right-wing party Lega Nord with one simple image:


They want their own country, but they seem a bit too confused on geography.

ah ma non è lercio



Here’s to PRETTY BOYS ………….

1x06 || 3x17


I don’t think you guys understand how much I love fanfiction cliches in my smut. I love them so much. I could read a hundred stories where two characters get locked in a small space or have to share body heat or get caught in a rainstorm and have to take off wet clothes. I’m being completely genuine when I say that I live for smut fanfiction cliches.

It does not do to dwell on dreams, Harry, and forget to live.


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